Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Tidbit of Information

East Valley has made the decision to build the program based at the 100 student level.   This will provide many class offerings for our children.  With this plan in place, if less than 50 students enroll, the program would need to be slightly scaled down until enrollment rose above 50.  At 70 students, the program would operate very much like Deer Park Home Link did last year.  Once enrollment exceeds 100 students, they will be able to expand the program.

For budgeting purposes, many programs set mid/end of August deadlines for enrollment in order to have their projected enrollment as accurate as possible for the school year.  East Valley is not setting a deadline for registration because they do not want to pressure families to enroll.  With this open-ended registration policy, this gives families the freedom to enroll at any point and time during the school year.

After last week's meetings with the EV and DP school districts, we have a count of 48 students whose parents have committed to enroll their children in the East Valley program and many others who are waiting for further information before making their decision.

We have learned that Ginny Cronin has resigned her position with Deer Park Home Link and has submitted a formal application for a consultant position with the East Valley HomeLink program.  Her daughter is enrolled in the new program.

Also, Jennifer Hendrickson, Tamie Glubrecht and Jeannine Carter have all resigned their positions with Deer Park HomeLink and have expressed an interest in teaching classes for the East Valley program.  Their children are enrolled in the new program.

With the school year fast approaching, things will be changing quickly so check back often for new information.  You could also choose to follow this blog by email to get updates sent to your email address.  There is a link to that on the right side of the blog.

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